Invest in e-book covers

At some point in history, print books were transformed into the convenient electronic books we know today. The digital counterparts of books are formatted to read just like the print version. Most electronic readers let you “flip” pages, “highlight” passages, and browse through “book covers,” but what’s missing?

The experience changes depending on the device you use. You can read on your laptop with or without an application. If you don’t use an application, you’re most likely reading PDFs and the quality isn’t clear. If you use an application, like the Nook for PC or Kindle for PC, you have more assurance that the text will be clear and that you can manipulate it.

Reading software helps you interact with the e-book like a print book. It even helps you find things just by typing in a phrase. Apps changed the way I studied. However, I was still on the computer when I started reading e-books. I had to deal with a 15-inch screen of text. It wasn’t exactly the same as cuddling up with a book. Plus some of the book covers were so awful, they could deter the most dedicated reader from selecting that book.


Example of a boring book cover.

So you have an idea, the book covers were basically a block of color with basic text on them. While it accomplished the job of a book cover, giving you basic information, it didn’t make the product easy to digest.Then there are those books with generic pictures, as in completely different books using the same default picture, confusing the consumer. I found myself willing to spend money a little more money for decent looking book covers that had some sort of telling picture of what the story was about.

Usually, I scan covers for quick cues to tell me what the book is about. If I have 50 books with similar covers, it takes me longer to find a specific book. I feel e-book covers have not been invested in or developed as much as print book covers.

As a reader, I’m here to bring back the art of books and share notes on books in social media.

This post originally appeared on my Blogger.


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