Designer channels Frankenstein: Creates Comic Sans typewriter to jar document designers

I’m going to put books on hold and talk about the typeface a second, specifically Comic Sans.

On Sunday, Oct. 19, a fellow member of Self-Publish @ FIU shared an article by Megan Friedman about a Frankenstein’s monster-like invention: a typewriter that writes everything in Comic Sans.

The unnatural creature was invented by Designer Jesse England and he calls it the “Sincerity Machine.” He got an old 1970s Brother Charger 11 typewriter and attached Comic Sans letters onto the strikers.

At first, everything in me screamed “NO, NOT COMIC SANS!” It’s like the typeface you shouldn’t use for 98% of projects. Why would someone completely butcher a prized relic and make a monster destined to be hated and misunderstood by most?

Then I thought about Comic Sans and remembered it was the first typeface of the first document I ever intentionally designed.

It was the beginning of my then-unknown document design career: technology class in West Miami Middle School. We were formally being introduced to Microsoft’s designing capabilities and we had to transform our first words from Times New Roman to Comic Sans.

We were playing with words, not even logo ideas or anything. I remember feeling so accomplished and fancy looking at the fat curves of the font. I knew at that moment that I wanted to keep playing with words. Which brought me to forgive and accept England’s world-shattering idea.

It made me realize what he said was true, it’s a noob’s typeface. I guess I was repelled by it because I don’t want to be a beginner in document design anymore.

After expressing myself on Facebook to friends about it, a teacher friend of mine told me “Comic Sans is one of the only fonts that come standard with computers that is easier for people with dyslexia (and other disorders) to read.” She added that she uses it a lot for her classes “since certain letters (like the letter A) come the way the students learn to write it.”

The site Comic Sans Criminal has great visuals that backs up her claims and shows improper and proper uses of Comic Sans.

At the end of the day, I get the whole “sincerity” bit about it and that Comic Sans shouldn’t be completely underrated because it has its place. For that, I appreciate the wake up call, England. Just be careful how you use it folks, “Weird Al” Yankovic was onto something too (1:15-1:37).


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