About Me


Cristina_Smiles2Cristina E. Garcia is an interdisciplinary student from Miami, Florida. She completed three bachelor’s degrees from Florida International University in Women’s Studies, Sociology and Religious Studies; her specialization lies in Islam and Gender Studies. Additionally, she has completed a Certificate in Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies and a Certificate in Professional and Public Writing. 

Garcia began her literary career in 2006 in Felix Varela Senior High School when she started taking creative writing classes.  She became involved with The Vox Vipera, the school’s literary magazine, as a contributor of poems and short stories. In 2007, she was elected as the poetry editor and contributed to the production, design and circulation of the magazine.

At the beginning of 2009, Garcia joined Miami Industrial Motors as a secretary and has worked there part-time since. In 2012, Garcia volunteered with South Florida Interfaith Worker Justice designing flyers and circulating information about the organization. She realized then that her passion lied in editorial work. From January 2013 to December 2013, Garcia started working part-time for FIU’s newspaper as a copy editor, editing articles and working with section editors, to design the News, At the Bay and Opinion sections. During the same year, Garcia volunteered at the Digital Writing Studio in conjunction with the Women’s Studies Center to produce the student journal, Making Waves.

At the end of the year, Garcia was promoted to production manager/copy cheif at The Beacon. She trains and manages a team of copy editors, collaborates with section editors and helps design the newspaper. Branching out into other areas of the media, Garcia has written articles for The Beacon, helps edit FIUSM.com and started working at WRGP Radiate FM, FIU’s radio station, as a disc jockey to garner radio broadcasting skills.

Garcia’s approach is minimalism: bold and appealing to all ages. Ultimately, she aims to facilitate dialogue that educates, connects and empowers. If you’d like to connect with her, you can email her at bookishcristina@gmail.com or connect with her via LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Goodreads.